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How are you feeling??👍👌👎

Asti Trouland —

Has the confinement of COVID-19 got you feeling a little different from normal? Know you are not alone. Together we NOW have a chance to create a new reality of "normal".

Most of us have heard the terms:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression 

We have either experienced all or one of the above and/or know someone who has. Here I will be guiding you through a range of tools and techniques which alleviate the affects of SAD.

This space is chance for us to virtually leave our bubble in a way that is safe, secure and confidential. To check in with ourselves, connect with others, create and explore a sense of play!

Enough writing from me and enough reading from you. Let's continue our Hauora journey together!

Click here to complete the check in and begin your play journey with me.