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Vaping petitions by Charlotte Christie

Vaping Petitions —

My name is Charlotte Christie and I am a mum to a wonderful 14 year-old boy who attends a public high school.

As we are all aware, and what has been seen on recent news, children as young as 6 are accessing vaping products and using them on school premises and within our community.

According to statistics from a recent Asthma Foundation survey, 20% of students are now regular users of such products and they are mostly accessed from local dairies and convenience stores. This is an alarming number of young people exposing themselves to potentially harmful toxins and chemicals with effects not yet known.

These products often appear to be the target for the extremely staggering amount of ram raids and crime that is being committed by some of the young members of our community.

I have started two petitions to remove the sale of vaping products from dairies and convenience stores: 




There is also a Facebook page that anyone is free to join to find resources, share stories and experiences and to support the cause.


Thank you for your support.

Kind Regards

Charlotte Christie