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#1 All about Standard Drinks - Part 1

#3 Teaching Teens to Drink Responsibly…

Lara Thompson —

Is it a good idea? This week we dive into alcohol and the effect it has on teenagers. We’ve also included some questions you can ask your teen if they are going to a party to help make a plan.

Take a screenshot of the party questions so you've got them on hand for later. You can also check out The Plan website for more information here. 

Next week's article is all about hosting a party and how to keep it legal.  

#3 Teaching your teens to drink responsibly — Image by: Lara Thompson
#3 The Plan — Image by: Lara Thompson

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This weeks question is:

What is the Ministry of Health advice about drinking alcohol for under 18s?

  1. Not drinking is the safest option

  2. It is best to teach them young

  3. Start them on low strength alcohol only