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#1 All about Standard Drinks - Part 1

#5 What happens when I drink alcohol?

Miss L Thompson —

Short term effects from alcohol can affect a range of different parts of your body, although these effects will vary depending on how much alcohol is consumed, the strength and individual factors such as body type, age and gender.

Some of the more common ones are alcohol levels in the breath from the lungs, judgement and concentration are impaired and dehydration but there are many more!

Alcohol can also have long term effects over the life span depending on the amount and frequency of alcohol consumed. Some common ones are, reduced ability to fight off infections, increased risk of breast cancer and it can worsen mental health conditions.

Check out the attached information below to find out how alcohol is processed throughout your body from the moment you take a sip.

Take a look at the short and long term effects on your body here. We’ve also included some easy and delicious West Coast themed mocktails to make for your next party or try the mix n match mocktail recipes below.

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