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Tournament Fees

Emily Westacott —


It's not long until tournament time! If your student is likely to be going on one of those teams, please consider making regular contributions to their student account to get it in credit prior to paying fees. These fees are often quite a large sum and can be a burden, paying a little each week can help buffer that. Any fundraising is applied when the fees are calculated.

It is our expectation that these fees are paid before attending tournament. If you're concerned about the cost or want to make a payment arrangement please speak to any of the office staff, we're happy to help sort something for you.  


As a reminder, these are the Greymouth High School Fundraising Guidelines:

  • All fundraising up to $5,000 must be approved by the Principal/Executive Officer and fundraising over $5,000 must have Board of Trustees approval. Timeframes for seeking approval should be considered before planning such activities.
  • All fundraising monies must be receipted by the main office.

Monies that are raised by fundraising are not refunded to students if the trip or an individual student does not proceed. These funds are raised on behalf of Greymouth High School and can be retained for future trips. 

If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out to the office team: office@greyhigh.school.nz