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#1 All about Standard Drinks - Part 1

#4 Keep It Legal

Lara Thompson —

Find out about the alcohol supply law and what you need to do when hosting a party for under 18s. We’ve included a handy consent template you can use with options whether your hosting or sending your teen to a party. 

Keep it legal plan — Image by: Lara Thompson

You can copy and paste the consent template into a message, text or email and change it to suit. 

Consent template — Image by: Lara Thompson

Keep an eye out for more information dropping each week, next week we look at the physical effect alcohol has on our body.

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This weeks question is:

Who can legally provide alcohol to an under 18 year old in NZ?

  1. Anyone over 18

  2. Older friends

  3. Other family members eg. brother/sister, uncle/aunt

  4. Their parent or legal guardian or anyone with the express consent from their parent or legal guardian