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#6 Alcohol Information and Support Websites

Lara Thompson —

The websites below provide more information about alcohol that parents may find useful.

  • The Plan. Website put together by the Health Action Trust and Nelson Marlborough Public Health Service that aims to help parents have conversations with their teens to create a family plan together around alcohol. www.the-plan.nz 
  • No Safe Limit. Kiwi website with links to all sorts of great info for parents about teens and alcohol. www.nosafelimit.co.nz
  • Nathan Wallis Neuroscience Educator. Nathan has a range of resources across the life span. The teenage brain section has lots of short video clips and articles, be sure to check it out! www.nathanwallis.com 
  • Facebook: Whanau pack parenting tips. Another great Kiwi site; lots of down-to-earth information and ideas for raising teens. www.facebook.com/whanaupack
  • Alcohol.org.nz/ Health Promotion Agency. Advice about the law on supplying alcohol to young people.  www.alcohol.org.nz
  • Alcohol Drug Helpline. Free confidential information, insights and support with any problem, issue or query you have about your own or someone else’s drinking or other drug use. www.alcoholdrughelp.org.nz
  • Alcohol Think Again Website. An Australian website. Please note that the legal information will be different to NZ. Contains information for parents, also how alcohol impacts health. www.alcoholthinkagain.com.au
  • Talk About Alcohol Website. Interactive site with games, quiz & conversation starters for parents or teachers to talk with teens about alcohol. Legal information will be different to NZ. www.talkaboutalcohol.com
  • Take Action. The best advice available for parents is to delay the supply of alcohol to your children for as long as you can. As a parent you might be tested and challenged about this. Click here for strategies you can use to support your position. www.actionpoint.org.nz