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Greymouth High School Policies are now managed by SchoolDocs. An online policy and procedure service for schools.

Last year we started the process of moving our policies to SchoolDocs which is an online policy and procedure service for schools. There are a number of other schools in Greymouth and over 1600 primary, intermediate, secondary, and area/composite schools throughout New Zealand who use SchoolDocs to keep their policies and procedures up-to-date.

For more information click here There is a short video which explains SchoolDocs in more detail.

SchoolDocs reviews specific Policies on a three year cycle and during Term 1 2022 our focus is on Health and Safety Management and Emergency, Disaster, and Crisis Management.

At Greymouth High School we have a Policies committee who meet once a month to discuss the policies up for review and ask our Senior Leadership Team, our staff and our parents/whānau to review specific ones. We really appreciate you taking some time out of your busy schedules to have a look and see what you think.

This term we are asking our community to review the following

  1. Visitors policy

  2. School Closure

  3. COVID-19 Information and Procedures

To do this you need to log onto our website and go to Our School

Click on Our Policies and Procedures and

2. click on - Current review

3. Scroll down to relevant policy.

The green button sends info directly to us at GHS and the red to School Docs who then collate it and send to us/make changes if needed etc

You may want to comment on others - you are more than welcome to