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Photo by Elaine Bruce

Level 2 & 3 Geography: A day out at West Coast beaches.

Mr Adams, Geography teacher. —

On Thursday 8 September the Level 2 & 3 geography students spent the day out at Rapahoe, Barrytown and Punakaiki Beaches gathering data for their research standard based on beach processes.

It was an enjoyable experience for all learners building their knowledge of surveying and measuring the gradient of a slope, longshore drift with oranges (thankfully Kaleb Farmer found a useful stick with which to retrieve the oranges from the ocean and Niko Barnett had a strong throwing arm) and taking samples of sediment type at given intervals to compare beach sedimentation types and sizes. The students gradually improved their research skills and were even able to fit in a game of orange bowls on Barrytown Beach between sampling, with ‘King Richard Meek’ crowned ‘most able orange bowler in the class of 2022’- quite a title! All students were excited to travel on to the Punakaiki Tavern for lunch, but unfortunately all EFTPOS machines were out of action in the afternoon, which meant a long drive home for some hungry individuals. The senior geography class of 2022 can be proud of how they stayed focused collecting data and in general with their positive, jovial attitudes.

Mr Adams