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Juggling Club with Angela

Hagley Clubs and Activities

Rowan Milburn —

Struggling to know what to do with your interval and lunchtimes? Join a club or activity! 

We are fielding a few requests from parents and students about what we have available in terms of clubs and activities at Hagley. Here is a summary of what we currently offer. There is quite a selection! If you can help out with offering anything in the way of clubs and activities we would love to hear from you.

Maths Tutoring
Teacher: Angela
Monday Lunch, Room 403
Juggling Club
Teacher: Angela
Thursday Lunch, Gym 2 Annex
Horticulture Club
Teacher: Carol
Wednesday Lunch, Hort Shed
Chess Club
Teacher: Tony
Wednesday Lunch, Room 306
Young Leaders @ Hagley
Teacher: Natalie
Friday 3pm, Deans Office
Spirit of Adventure
Teacher: Kay
As needed
Craft Club (T2 & 3)
Teacher: Cindy
Tuesday Lunch, G1
Creative Writing
Teacher: Faith
Thursday 3pm, W3
Environment Group
Teacher: Dave
Tuesday Lunch, G4
Theatre Sports
Teacher: Brendon
Wednesday Lunch and Thursday 3pm, X8
Careers Drop-In
Teacher: Kim
Wednesday Lunch, Careers Room
Anime / Manga Club
Teacher: Tina
Thursday Lunch, Room 203
Book Club
Teacher: Liz
Tuesday Lunch, Library
Textiles Tutorials
Teacher: Robyn
Friday Lunch, H2
Rainbow Diversity Safe Space
Teacher: Leanne
Monday Lunch, O1
Sport - Summer & Winter
Teachers: Mikey and Alan
Kapa Haka
Teacher: Regan
Thursday Interval, Whare
Organised Recreation
Teachers: Mikey and Alan
Tuesday Lunch, Gym 1