Hero photograph
Koru House Cup - Kākāriki: 10DM and 9WT
Photo by Leoni Combrink

Annual Cross Country Event

Clint Pilkington - Head of Sport —

On Tuesday 23rd June, in cool and misty conditions, we held our annual cross country event; compulsory for Years 9 and 10 and optional for senior students and teachers.

This year, we placed emphasis on teamwork and encouraged the students to embrace the house colours they were assigned. The 13 Sport Management students led their teams with pride and the energetic, positive and colourful event was a feast for the senses.

I extend a hearty thank you to Graeme and Phil for managing the gear set-up, Naomi, Colin and Sakura for the videography support, Andy for the drone footage, Leoni for photography, Anne for the wheelchair rescue from well beyond the netball courts, the PE staff for timing and ticketing, classroom teachers for recording results, Jenni on icy pops, Robyn, Julie’s team, Chantelle, Donna and our trainee teachers for organising and managing the BBQ, Bernie and Carl for participating, Nathan, Sakura, Emma and Maria for uploading the results and Mike for the judging and presenting of medals.

I was very happy with the outcome and proud to see our seniors lead the juniors. As relationships grow, learning and achievement is supported so, to see the spirit of camaraderie thriving amongst the colourful groups was very satisfying. Congratulations to all those participants on the day.

The top 3 place getters:

Year 9 Boys

Place   Champions           Time       Class     House

1     Liam Rogers            10.16       9BB       Whero

2     Paolo Reid               10.26       9SCR    Waiporoporo

3     Blake Pope              10.41       9PDS     Kikorangi

Year 9 Girls

1    Eve Tonascia            12.26        9WT     Kākāriki

2    Kallarney Rotana Clarke 12.44 9PDS    Kikorangi

3    Alice Mussett            14.03       9WT      Kākāriki

Year 10 Boys

1  Mitchell Kane              9.26         10YP     Kōwhai

2  Noah Steffens            10.21        10CC    Whero

3  Geordan Day             10.27        10TM    Kikorangi

Year 10 Girls

1   Lily Tonascia             11.27        10YP      Kōwhai

2   Nova Taukamo         12.42        10CC      Whero

3   McKenzie Drage      13.35        10TM      Kikorangi

Senior Boys

1   Noah Bean               9.52

2   Per Tonascia            10.59

3   Bradley McDowell

Senior Girls

1  Zigba Yismaw           13.11

2   Sahar Arefi

3   Najah Mohamed

Male Staff

1   Carl Chung              11.1

2   Bernie Frankpitt       15.1

Koru House Cup Results: 

1 Kākāriki: 10DM and 9WT

2 Kikorangi: 10TM and 9PDS

3 Whero: 10CC, 9BB and 10HG

4 Waiporoporo: 10SK and 9SCR

5 Kōwhai: 10YP and 9CDL