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Photo by Liz Jones

Author Visit

Liz Jones —

Young Adults author, Rachael Craw from Nelson, visited Hagley Library on Friday 17 May to talk about her path to becoming a writer and to give two writing workshops.

Two junior classes were entertained by her stories of a childhood of reading and her love of Greek mythology, and how she has to fight to overcome her impatience to have everything finished perfectly, which isn't really possible when you're writing a novel. Her first novel, Spark, was ignited by a dream she had of running through a forest with superpower speed, and The Rift is inspired by a Greek myth, the story of Actaeon. Two groups of students were able to attend her workshops where they were given lots of tips on how to write compelling characters and create fascinating worlds. A very valuable visit left all Hagley's aspiring writers feeling both inspired and that they had the tools to improve their writing.