Hero photograph
Leanne Buchan, Illa Russell, Louise Oskam, Michael Gilchrist, Jennifer Sanders
Photo by Leoni Combrink

Counselling Changes

Michael Gilchrist —

The Hagley counselling team is excited to announce two significant changes to its structure for 2019.

First, we are thrilled to have gained Louise Oskam to the team as a counsellor from Wednesday through to Friday. Louise brings vast knowledge and expertise in the areas of counselling practice and theory. She also has strong links to support agencies and has her finger on the pulse of what Hagley and the wider community can offer to further support the wellbeing of our school. In the short time Louise has been with us, she has demonstrated that she is a leader in the field and has rolled her sleeves up and fitted in nicely.

Another significant change is in the role Leanne Buchan will play in 2019. Leanne previously provided a counselling service for our school. This year, however, sees Leanne working in a whānau outreach role, in which she will be supporting students and their families who are experiencing barriers to being at school. Leanne’s work will provide another branch to our school’s wellbeing network.

Other changes in our service see Jennifer Sanders extending her role in the school from that of a counsellor to a Year 9 Spanish teacher, as well. This will provide variety for Jennifer beyond her counselling and provide a taste of an exciting language and culture for her students. Our counselling administrator, Illa Russell, will also be extending her already wide role by working as a Year 11 tutor.

We all look forward to a year of supporting our school community to the best of our ability.