Hero photograph
Bailey Backhouse-Richards
Photo by Charlotte Sowman

Student Profile: Bailey Backhouse-Richards

Rowan Milburn —

Bailey Backhouse-Richards really is one of Hagley’s ‘nice guys’ He is motivated, focused and contributes to the wider College.

It really is hard not to be impressed! Bailey came to Hagley College this year from Heathcote Valley School along with one other Year 9 student. He lives at home with Mum and Dad and his younger sister.

I met Bailey when he came up to me at the end of an assembly and asked if he could join the Student Council. He has since attended all meetings and events and as the only year 9 student on the council, has proven himself to be reliable and proactive and an active participant. It is so great seeing students of all ages come together to work for a cause!!

When I asked Bailey what he likes about Hagley he said very quickly that he loves that he is actually learning a lot. As learning is our core business, I was most impressed! He finds his teachers nice and helpful and only has positive things to say about the College. Bailey's favourite subject is Physical Education. He enjoys being active and also represents Hagley in football.

Bailey is ambitious and has set himself some goals for this year. One is to be Head of Year within Year 9. Freddy Wilson, who Bailey looks up to and is also in the Council, told Bailey about the award and since then it has become a source of motivation for him. He wants to obtain a Certificate of Achievement with Distinction and his overall career goal is to be a lawyer.

With such a lot of potential, I can see him going far with these goals and ambitions.

Bailey’s highlight of the year is all of the great friends he has made and he has excellent advice for new Year 9s to Hagley: do your best to make friends quickly and most importantly, keep learning as well as you can but have fun while you do it!!

Thanks, Bailey! It is nice to share your story and to get to know you a bit better!

Rowan Milburn – Deputy Principal (Student Wellbeing)