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Junior Enrolment in Full Swing

Lisa Amer —

It has been great to see prospective students and their parents, caregivers and whānau engage with Hagley and get to know us better, as we have begun to get to know them.

Junior enrolment kicked off this year with our open night on 10th May. And since then we have seen a constant stream of amazing applicants arriving through our doors - for diagnostic appointments, interviews, to visit us, and to drop off enrolment forms.

We have been seriously impressed with the high calibre of applicants and the time everyone has taken in putting together such stellar applications.

We’ve met head girls, house captains, musicians, and sportspeople; we’ve met students who love school, and even students who…don’t love school (but we’ll soon change that). And we are still looking forward to meeting so many more!

Our Year 9 intake each year is a big and important part of what makes Hagley such a diverse, dynamic and interesting place to be.

Welcome to Hagley. We can’t wait for 2017!

If you have any questions about junior enrolment, please call Lisa on 379 3090 ext 884 or email lisa.amer@staff.hagley.school.nz.