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Photo by Darryl Low

Theatre Company Keeps Delivering

Leoni Combrink —

Hot on the heels of a successful Theatre in Education tour the Company's 2nd Year students launched into teaching the newly-minted 1st Years all about our unique and well-known Scene+ season.

With their guidance and experience the scenes were chosen and rehearsed with a sold-out season taking place in early March. Hagley’s School of Cuisine stepped up again with some fantastic offerings, including spicy meatballs (Darryl’s favourite), soy beef on rice, mojito cupcakes (also Darryl’s favourite) and banana rolls.

Image by: Darryl Low

Scene+ returns again in June with new scenes and menu options, so check it out!

Opening next week (31 May) is "Very Still and Hard to See", a new play from American author Steve Yockey. We rarely present pieces that involve the full Company but here is one – interesting and dark tales connected only by their location – a hotel known for its history and eerie inhabitants. Check our website for details: www.hagleytheatreco.co.nz