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Senior College Wellbeing

Emma Lumb —

With such a large proportion of students new to Hagley in Years 12 and 13 it is important to have opportunities to build connection with peers and teachers. The introduction of dedicated tutor times this year allows some of these connections to be built more easily, both with the tutor and fellow students.

Another development this year is the Senior Wellbeing Programme. We have been getting this underway with a series of Connect sessions – opportunities for students in Years 12 and 13, both new to Hagley and old hands, to connect with new people over ice-cream and yard games. These low-key times will continue over the next couple of weeks with some informal Q&A sessions on University Entrance and NCEA qualifications.

In tutor times this week Year 12 and 13 students have been offered a range of module options as part of the Senior Wellbeing Programme. Wellbeing options are generally for one hour each week for five weeks, with students choosing an activity that fits into one of their free option lines. Participation is compulsory for Year 12s, and encouraged but optional for Year 13s. Students need to sign up by the end of next week (requires a Hagley College login).

We would love to receive any feedback as we develop this programme. Or if you would like to volunteer to offer a module please be in touch!