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Information for our school community - planned industrial action on 29 May

Mike Fowler —

The Hagley Board of Trustees has determined that the school will be closed on Wednesday 29 May due to PPTA and NZEI industrial action.

We do not have sufficient non-union staff to safely accept students for supervision on 29 May. Students should not attend school on that day. Supervision for students will not be provided on 29 May at Hagley and parents and caregivers are requested to make their own arrangements. This includes After 3 classes. We understand that this is difficult and inconvenient for students, parents and caregivers alike, but student safety is our main concern.

School is open again on 30 May and all timetabled classes will run on that day.

Should the industrial action proposed for 29 May not proceed, we will notify you as soon as possible. We will use Facebook, our website and email to keep you updated.

Sara Gordon


Andrew Swift

Deputy Chair

Board of Trustees, Hagley College