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Student Leadership at Hagley – Interview with Flynn Watson

Rowan Milburn —

Flynn Watson is a young man destined to do great things… He is the face of student leadership at Hagley College and making his mark by leading a range of student-led initiatives.

I interviewed Flynn and as always was blown away by his passion and enthusiasm for doing things for others!

I asked Flynn what interests him about leadership. His response was that he loves giving back, he wants to help others out and enjoys working with people. I am so glad his career of choice is teaching, as these are all attributes of a great teacher.

Flynn is a member of our Young Leaders @ Hagley group where one of his projects has been leading the World Vision fundraiser.

Flynn was keen to be involved with World Vision as he wanted to be part of a global event and a big one at that! The profits go to those who really need it and it can be an awesome social activity while doing some good. Flynn’s tasks involved planning fundraising, implementing fundraising, issuing and collecting booklets and, most importantly, leading by example and doing the 40 Hour Famine himself. It is looking like being Hagley’s biggest fundraiser for World Vision as $4000 is looking possible at this point. Money is still coming in and Flynn urges anyone with outstanding booklets or donations to hand them into the Enrolment Centre as soon as possible. Flynn is part of a team of students that were all involved in the Famine, particularly the planning and selling of raffle tickets to contribute to the fundraising.

Another project Flynn has been involved in is around gathering student, staff, and parent voice around NCEA as initiated by the government. Flynn took the initiative and spoke to Mike Fowler and said he was keen to be involved. This has led to Flynn visiting classes and showing students the information clips and collecting survey data. You, too, can have your say by clicking on the following link. We would appreciate your contribution:


The Young Leaders @ Hagley group have a focus for Term 3 around promoting positive mental health messages around the College. They are planning fun lunchtime events and a noticeboard where students can display positive messages and art work. This will be student led and student managed. Flynn is already developing ideas around motivational speakers and other activities.

Finally, we held the inaugural Leadership Camp this year for Year 13 students in January. Flynn attended the camp and found the experience invaluable in setting him up on the leadership journey he is on. When asked what was good about the camp, Flynn responded that it gave him a positive attitude towards leadership and he recognised that students went from anxious and unsure to confident and self-assured people with lots of new friends to boot! The activities arranged by Adventure Hanmer got people working together, and a trip to the hot pools was a chance to rest and relax. Flynn also tried meditation and yoga on the camp. On returning from the camp, Flynn put his new skills into practice by being a Peer Support Leader for Year 9 students. He was proud of the way he planned some educational and some not so much educational lessons! What amazed him was that students became comfortable in the group to share their thoughts and ideas. Flynn liked it so much he is planning on returning next year as a leader.

The camp will run in 2019 and more information will be available via the College notices very soon. If a Year 13 student chooses 13 Leadership as a class, the camp is a requirement of the course. If you require any further information please email on@hagley.school.nz or rw@hagley.school.nz.

Flynn’s recommendation is to ‘just go for it’ even if you are a bit unsure; put yourself out there and challenge yourself. You might just like it!!

Great advice, Flynn. Thanks for what you do for the Hagley College community.