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Photo by Leoni Combrink

10MAH Sustainability Project

Jo Eaton —

As part of the Year 10 Science programme, 10MAH have been learning about conservation and global sustainability.

At the end of the unit the students selected an up-cycle project and utilised old tyres with the aim to provide an area that students could engage in during breaks. They created a four person table with reversible lid to allow students to play chess, Jenga, or noughts and crosses, as well as five seats at various heights to relax on. Under each of the seats on the table the students have planted a variety of flowers to aid oxygen production and colour. These have been placed outside the Cafe for everyone to enjoy.

Towards the end of term our class embarked on a recycling project to finish off our sustainability topic. Our class decided that we could help both the school community and the environment by turning some old tyres donated to us from the local Bridgestone Tyre Centre into a collection of seats and tables for an outdoors social area. Upon deciding this, we began the three week process of converting these old, dirty tyres into a series of funky and functional chairs. Along with these seats, we also decided to create some board games and activities out of chestnuts, acorns, and wood, all of which contributed to the recycled-reuseable nature of the project. As a class we received plenty of help and support from various adults and an abundance of positive comments on our finished products. Overall, this project has helped us all learn material skills as well as gain a better understanding of the environment and recycling as a whole.