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In Brief: Hagley's Redevelopment

Mike Fowler —

Over the next year, Hagley begins an $18 million redevelopment.

It’s going to take about 3 to 4 years to complete. It’s a partial rebuild - a lot of our school will stay the same and be improved.

But, we can do a lot with $18 million! We're keen that we make the most of the investment so that our students benefit. We'll be improving the spaces we use for learning. We also want to make Hagley an even better place to come to.

What have we said in our Brief that we'd like to develop?

Outdoor recreation spaces, particularly for Year 9-11 students - hard surface areas suitable for various social and recreational activities.

A large adaptable multi-purpose learning space, positioned prominently at the front of the school, for:

  • varying sized group-based student learning
  • mihi whakatau and pōwhiri, assemblies, performances, displays, cultural celebrations
  • as an indoor student space for socialising, recreation and to connect informally and easily with each other and with teachers
  • as a student home base
  • whole staff professional learning.

A studio based learning hub, where a creative design process is shared across multiple integrated learning areas, with:

  • project-based learning approaches to meet needs of diverse learning areas including technology, art, science and other learning areas
  •  a central multi-purpose space for teaching and learning, meetings, discussion, presentations, displays, events, collaborative activities and ‘maker spaces’
  • cross curricular collaboration so that teachers and students can easily work with each other
  • individual class-based activities, with larger combined groups brought together for diverse purposes.

 Learning hubs where 60 to 80 students can learn together in self-directed theme or context-based environments. These hubs might have a central space with break out areas, with linked indoor and outdoor spaces.

What do we want to achieve?

Our five key aspirations are that Hagley/Te Puna Wai O Waipapa is:

  • a place that enhances a strong sense of safety and connection with each other
  • a place whose effective teaching practices and use of spaces are flexible, collaborative and enhance learning and wellbeing
  • a place that embraces and reflects its biculturalism
  • a place that provides adolescent and adult students across Christchurch access to a relevant secondary education designed to meet their individual needs and goals

  • a place that embraces and reflects its diversity.

What you've said matters

In a survey at end of last year, you told us about what you see as important in the Hagley of the Future. We've taken careful notice of what you've said as we've developed these aspirations.

  • Hagley’s informal friendly atmosphere, where everyone is on a first name basis and there are no uniforms
  • It is very clear how important relationships are, as positive and supportive working relationships were identified as the highest ranked item [identified in 75% of responses]
  • Teachers catering for students’ individual needs, interests and strengths
  • Inclusiveness of diversity is clearly valued by all parts of our community.

In your words:

“The synergy of all that Hagley is just makes it a great place for learning and building the self-confidence and self-esteem of students.”