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Year 13 Camp 2019

Rowan Milburn —

Before school started, 30 Year 13 students and a number of staff spent three days in Hanmer Springs developing their leadership skills and making connections with others.

Here are a few student reflections:

Student #1

This camp gave me opportunities that I wouldn't have imagined of. What I most enjoyed in Year 13 camp was how widely diverse it was. People from different backgrounds, different values and the act of accepting. One thing that stood out for me was the Van Asch students here at Hagley. Learning sign language was amazing. There was nothing like it. What I take from this camp is the confidence and integrity. What makes it more special is becoming a peer support mentor for the Year 9 students that have started this year in 2019. And I couldn't be more grateful to have this opportunity; no school has bigger, better opportunities than Hagley College.

Student #2

I feel very privileged to have got the opportunity to go on Year 13 camp. I gained crucial life skills from my time spent on camp such as communication with others, patience and problem-solving skills. I was really nervous about starting back at Hagley but going on the camp meant for me that I now knew people that would be in my classes. The camp also helped me feel more capable to take full control of my learning at Hagley and to be more confident in my decisions both in and out of Hagley. I really enjoyed all of the team building activities we did because they put all of these new skills we were learning to use and improved them at the same time.

Student #3

when I first heard about the leadership camp (also known as Year 13 camp), I wanted to go but I was too scared about going away with people who I  didn't really know, and I remember asking all of my friends if they were going, which a couple were, which is why I did end up going in the end. However, when I got there it changed, I actually didn't even hang with them and I found myself making and hanging out with new friends,  which I loved, and all of the games and lessons weren't only just fun but they were very helpful when going into Year 13. All of the things that I learned from camp made me  get more involved in groups, different classes and it also made me more determined to succeed in school and making new friends. It was such a fun and awesome experience and I'm glad I did go as if I didn't go I would have truly regretted it, and I'm still good friends with everyone that did go, and I feel that we're more like a team of Year 13s rather then just some Year 13s and I truly feel everyone would benefit from going; plus we got to go to the hot pools! 😊

Student #4

Year 13 camp this year made me more comfortable with not only the other students at the school but the teachers as well. It opened up so many opportunities for me to gain new skills and to meet new, interesting people who have since passed their knowledge onto me. The camp was designed to make students step out of their comfort zones and try new things. It provided a safe, collaborative space where students could bounce ideas off each other and work together as a team. I am grateful for the experience and would recommend it to every student who comes through Hagley.

Student #5

I thoroughly enjoyed the camp. That doesn’t mean to say there weren’t things that could’ve been done a bit better, but overall I had a great time. 

Personally, I just love the whole “class outside of class” type concept. I enjoyed bonding with people I already knew, as well as meeting a few new ones. I thought the practical exercises were great, especially Elvina's bomb disposal ‘thing’. While I definitely didn’t enjoy it at the time, it gave me a lot of insight into what works and doesn’t work when working together, and what makes a good leader.

While I enjoyed the discussions, I feel there could’ve been a bit more integrated into taking advantage of the location, if that makes sense. There was only one activity (the team building games) that were related to leadership but were exclusive to the location. The rest (walks and going to the hot pools) was lovely, but weren't really connected to leadership. 

I thought the "warm and fuzzies" activity was a really great way to personally compliment everyone and recognise individual strengths. 

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting new teachers, and students, and have made connections that I probably wouldn't in a normal school environment. I also absolutely loved meeting Chanel and Cory, the two Van Asch students, and learning about their experiences as well as some sign language. 

Student #6

When I enrolled I was encouraged to sign up for the Year 13 Leadership camp as a way to meet people because I didn’t know anyone who went here. I was really nervous but it turned out to be the best thing I could have done. Camp gave me the opportunity to meet some awesome teachers and some great friends. On camp we learnt so many leadership skills and it gave me the opportunity to sign up to become a peer support leader for a Year 9 class. I would highly recommend this for any Year 13, new or not.

PS. It was great fun.

Student #7

The Strengths I gained were teamwork and Humor because I managed to meet new people and learn new things about leadership. I found it pretty great on my first time of school camp with a nice BBQ on the first night which went well. Overall I enjoyed it because there were lots of cool activates to do and have lots of fun and managed to gain some leadership to help me with the leadership course I’m doing this year and also improve on the Peer support program I’m doing with the year 9’s.