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Using Hail Assist to help you create articles

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How to use Hail Assist to help you write and change content in Hail.

There are two options in Hail Assist.


This can be used to change text into a different tone or language. Highlight text in an article, notice, portal or website. The formatting bar is then shown:

Image by: Robyn Bradley

Choose the tone you want the text to change to and the language.

Note: The language options are pre-selected based on the choices made in the language widget. Up to 4 languages are shown.

Image by: Robyn Bradley

Select Rewrite

Text is re-written using Hail Assist in the tone and language you chose.

Up to 3 versions of the text are displayed for you to choose from.

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Scroll through the options and select choose once you have decided on the best option.

Writing New Content

If you would like Hail Assist to write an article or notice for you follow this process

Create a new article or notice.

Select Hail Assist

Image by: Robyn Bradley
Image by: Robyn Bradley


  • Choose the tone and language you want the article to be written in
  • Write your prompt
  • Select generate

Hail Assist will write the content for you.

You can then:

  • Save your draft content
  • Use Hail Assist to rewrite it again
  • or use the formatting options to make further changes

If unsure then please contact the Support Team.