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Quick-links are a handy way to highlight specific content on your Hail Website, Portal, Articles and Publications.

You can think of quick-links as a navigation structure that appear at the top of your Hail content, Website or Portal.

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Quick-links in Hail can be associated with Articles, Publications, or URLs. You can have quick-links on your Hail Website and a different set of quick-links on your publications- you choose by ticking where you'd like them to display.

Choose where your Quick-Links will display — Image by: Hailey Helper

Additionally, you can rearrange them by drag-and-drop and organise them into dropdown lists by dragging them into folders.

Folders in Hail serve as containers for your quick-links, transforming them into dropdown lists for easy navigation. Imagine them as menu items, just like those found on a website. 

Categorise quick-links to match folder names, like placing Policies & Procedures under Important Info.

How to add Quick-links and folders

You can create and edit quick-links by navigating to the Quick-Links section on the left-hand menu under Settings, or in the Website section near the top where it says Add/Edit Quick-links. Here you can also create folders that hold multiple quick-links to become a dropdown list.


  1. Click + Quick-Link button
  2. Give your quick-link a name
  3. Choose the type of link you are adding
  4. If you are adding an Article or Publication- your relevant library will open for selecting
  5. If you are adding an external link, paste the link into the URL field
  6. Now decide where you would like your quick-link to display- everywhere, articles only, website or different publication styles.
  7. Click save.

Note: It takes time for your new quick-links and folders to show up on your content


  1. Click + Create Folder
  2. Give your folder a name
  3. Choose where it displays
  4. Click Save

Note: Your folder will only show on your content once it has a quick-link dragged into it