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Creating a Hail website

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Did you know you can effortlessly manage a website with Hail? We offer two user-friendly website layouts that are simple to update, all included in your Hail account.

Our Hail Websites creates a mobile-friendly website from your content and contacts. When you have chosen your imagery and content, you can publish your website and add a custom domain.

Head to the Website section and we will follow the website building process from top to bottom.

Website Style

Choose between our Classic or Canvas style websites. Remember, you can always preview the other style by selecting it from the drop-down menu and clicking Preview. 

Classic vs Canvas Hail Website — Image by: Hail

Banner Options

Choose what media you’d like to display in your website's main banner section. Choose articles, images, or videos. Note: article option is not available on Canvas website style.

Image by: Hailey Helper

Website Content

  • Introduce your organisation in the Main Text Block section. Best to keep it short and link to ‘more info’. Be sure to click Save as you go.
  • Customise language display options on your website. Note: only available for Pro and Plus customers.
  • Add your Google Calendar address for a feed of your latest events on your website and gazette style publication.
  • Use the Sidebar Text for events, reminders etc. Note: this will only display on Classic website style.
  • You can select Articles to display on to your Website. These are displayed in the ‘newsfeed’ at the bottom of the page for Classic Style websites or choose three to make up the block section for Canvas websites.
  • You can also select Publications to display on your Website. Once added you can ‘pin’ specific publications to show up first in your feed. 
  • The contacts and map on the Website are pulled from your Hail Organisation Settings. 
  • When you are ready, you can Publish your website. Hooray! You've now got yourself a slick website ⌨🌟

Looking for a different website style? The Hail+ team can create a stand-out website, fully integrated and supported by the Hail Team. Get in touch 📩