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Our new Hail Mail bulk emailing feature
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Announcing: Hail Mail 📬

Tom Barnett —

Find out all about how Hail is taking on the likes of Mailchimp with our brand new Hail Mail bulk emailing feature — available in beta now.

Recently you will have noticed some changes to Hail’s main menu in anticipation of a big new feature we’re currently rolling out, that we've simply called Hail Mail.

With Hail Mail, you’ll be able to create and maintain subscriber lists, add and remove contacts and publish your newsletters and articles to thousands of emails — all from within Hail itself.

Hail Mail Mailout Activity Window

Give me the lowdown  🤔

When it comes to updating your community, social media is great, but publishing directly to people's email is still a very important communication and marketing channel. Unfortunately, reliably reaching those inboxes and keeping subscriber lists up-to-date has not been an easy or enjoyable task — until now ☺.

With Hail Mail, we intend to provide you with a bulk emailing solution that, like all Hail's features, is easy to use with serious power under the hood but streamlined to only include what you need, with no unnecessary features getting in the way of your workflow.

Hail Mail may not have all the extra marketing bells and whistles that the likes of Mailchimp includes, but if all you need to do is to simply push out your updates to email lists, then we've got you covered. And for those that need more, we’ll continue to provide our Mailchimp integration.

Why use Hail Mail?

  • Save time: Hail Mail is fully integrated into the rest of the Hail’s platform. That means no more jumping between Mailchimp and Hail to import, maintain and connect subscriber lists, publish your content and check delivery reports.
  • Save headaches: Hail Mail has a user-friendly, streamlined interface for adding subscribers and maintaining lists.
  • Save money: Consolidate your bulk emailing into Hail and get easy to understand billing and clearly displayed monthly quotas. Your subscriber and sending limits are updated and available at a glance, at all times.

Hail Mail also includes updated email templates that now include your custom colour for even stronger branding. And bringing subscription lists in-house means we have the potential for future integration with other third-party contact databases. Plus, Hail Mail is all backed by Hail’s famously friendly support 👩‍💻.

When can I get it?

Some of you will already have access to Hail Mail in the new sub-menu and can start using it today.

For the rest of you, if you’d like to start using Hail Mail, just get in touch.

Hail Mail requires additional server upgrades and ongoing infrastructure costs. For this reason, it is only available on our latest pricing plans, which were introduced in early November 2018. For those of you on older legacy plans, you will need to upgrade to one of the new plans if you wish to use Hail Mail. Any questions, just get in touch.

UPDATE: We've now shipped HUGE enhancements to Hail Mail's reporting — see all the details here.

Best regards,
Team Hail 💚