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Be the Brightest You Can Be Day
Video by Halswell School Media Team

Student Council News

Sydni & Felix —

Save the date: Wig Wednesday - 28 September

Be the Brightest You Can Be Day

Firstly we would like to thank everyone for coming to school with bright colours on our Be the Brightest You Can Be Day. In the video above you can see just how colourful our school was and which children were judged the most colourful!

We were super impressed that the teachers were dressed so colourful and bright too. If you didn’t already know Mrs Davies was judged as the brightest, most colourful teacher on that day. Well done Mrs Davies! 

Wig Wednesday

One of the Student Council's goals is ‘kids raising money for kids’.

Each week three families in New Zealand get told some disturbing news about their child having cancer. That’s why we, the Student Council, want to help the Child Cancer Foundation by participating in Wig Wednesday.  Wig Wednesday is officially on Wednesday 7 September (today) but we have organised this for Wednesday 28 September so you have a few weeks to start looking for your CRAZIEST, FLASHIEST wig EVER or having the WACKIEST hair EVER. Bring along a gold coin donation for the Foundation to help.  We want to raise lots of money to give to the Child Cancer Foundation. Don't forget to have…. FUN!