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Photo by Parent Teacher Association at Halswell School

Dedicated BBQ Area

Parent Teacher Association at Halswell School —

Do you have skills, contacts or suggestions that could help?

The current BBQ used for sausage sizzle is in need of replacement and discussions around this area have highlighted a number of issues with using the current BBQ. These include needing to move the BBQ in search of shelter in windy or rainy weather and the issue of grease marks left by the BBQ on the school walkways. The proposed solution to this is to create a dedicated BBQ area that has a built-in BBQ and shelter.

The proposed site of the BBQ is outside the staff room on the side closest to the year 7/8 block. Due to the difficulties of attaching the area to the current building, the proposed solution is a four-post louvre system similar to that in the picture above. Sides can be added as budget allows. A built-in BBQ will be added in one of the corners.

We are looking to put together a small team to move this forward. If you have any skills or contacts that could be useful to us, or simply would like to add your suggestions or input, please email pta@halswell.school.nz