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Photo by Natasha Fraser

Canterbury Athletics

Natasha Fraser —

Congratulations to the students that have qualified from Zones to make it to Canterbury Athletics. This will take place on Wednesday 5th December.

Below are the children that placed 1st or 2nd in the Lincoln Zone Athletics so they have qualified for Canterbury's. 

Khylle Dinio - Year 7 Boys Long Jump, 60m Sprint and relay. 

Connor Feldwick - Year 6 Boys Discus and High Jump

Izzy Scovell - Year 8 Girls Discus 

Hugo Gonzalex - Garcia - Year 8 Boys Shot Put 

Naledi Kaliyati - Year 7 Shot Put 

Julia Mitchell - Year 5 Girls High Jump

Keira Rooney - Year 7 Girls High Jump 

Danielle Mitchell - Year 7 Girls High Jump 

Declan McGill - Year 6 Boys 50m Sprint 

Jourdain Thomson - Year 7 Boys 60m Sprint and Year 7 Boys relay 

Riley Reid - Year 7 Boys 100m Sprint and Year 7 Boys relay 

Valentina McPhail - Year 5 Girls 50m Sprint 

Lorraine Ordonez - Year 6 Girls 50m Sprint 

Katie Ingram - Year 8 Girls 60m Sprint

Harrison Sugrue - Year 7 Boys relay