Hero photograph
Photo by Lisa Dovey

Crusaders Visit

Lisa Dovey —

Last week, on Friday morning, Halswell School was lucky enough to get a visit from Manasa Mataele and Leicester Faingaanuku from the Crusaders.

We started off in assembly, where they both stood up and introduced themselves. They talked about where they are originally from, biggest achievements, past injuries and favourite places to play. We got the chance to ask a few questions and receive some spot prizes. They gave away caps, bottles, posters and a couple of rugby balls.

Halfway through the assembly a group of lucky kids got to sneak off and have a private practise with them. We started off by asking any more questions we had to do with rugby, the techniques used, favourite positions, and who was the youngest in the team. Next we did a passing drill, we got into pairs and lined up opposite each other. We turned sideways and and learned how to pass across our bodies. Then we finished off by getting our flags signed, having a team photo and hanging out until the others came back to class.

Thanks to everyone who organized the meet up, everyone really enjoyed it.

Keira Rooney / Skyler Manu