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2019 Teachers


Here is our 2019 teaching team.

We warmly welcome  6 new teachers to our 2019 teaching team. 

Rachel Ono, currently teaching at Lyttelton School, will join us as Year 0-2 Team Leader.  Rachel is an experienced teacher and school leader. 

We have three experienced teachers joining us: Lucy Ferguson who has most recently been teaching in London, Alice Eastwick who joins us from Ashgrove School and Megan Newton who is currently at Lincoln Primary. 

We also welcome Anna Maxwell and Sarah Rogatski who will be beginning their teaching careers at Halswell.

Learning Team organisation is as follows:

Ahuriri: Julie Phillips (Assistant Team Leader Y0-2), Nicky Edwards

Huritini: Rachel Ono (Team Leader Y0-2), Rachel Dixon, Renee Norman, Amy Craddock,  Danielle Ward, Josie O'Callaghan and Robyn O'Neill

Orongomai: Gael McFarlane (Team Leader Y2-3), Karen Collins, Kate Heveldt, Lucy Ferguson, Anna Maxwell, Sara Kelly and Carmel Hooper

Otawhito: Anita Head (Team Leader Y4-5), Tash Fraser, Brooke McFaul, Bella Rowse, Alice Eastwick, Megan Newton, Caroline Adams and Jane Wilks

Otumatua: Lisa Dovey (Team Leader Y6-8), Sarah Dyer, Ben Qauqau, Kelsey Bush, Sarah Rogatski, Mandy Dellaca and Chris Williams