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Robo Cup 2018
Video by OtumatuaHS

Robo Cup Canterbury Winners!!

Millie Edwards —

On Sunday the 19th of August Millie Edwards, Adele Matthews and Izzy Clyne competed at the Canterbury robocup regional finals in the theatre category. It was hosted at Selwyn house school. Robocup Theatre category could be either a dance a play or a presentation and we chose to do a mix of Romeo and Juliet and The Princess Bride. We started working a month before the competition building the robots from scratch as well as everything else. We were allowed to use four robots and we started building them right away. Millie had the idea of Romeo and Juliet and Izzy had the idea The Princess Bride.

It was the day of the competition and we were in the pit ( place where everyone practiced) getting ready, looking at all of the other theatre performances. We thought for sure we were going to lose. It was time for the interview where we showed the judges the code that we used to program the robots, the log book, and the robots. We all think that they were very impressed by our hard work and ideas . One of our main pieces of the set was our balcony/ramp. It is made out of polystyrene, cardboard and some of our left over polotheyne from the stage. We had to make it pretty sturdy to hold two robots at once. The house is made out of a huge piece of cardboard sketched then cut out with a craft knife. We then painted the house bit by bit making different paint colours with paint so we could get the perfect colour of a house. The last steps were drawing the chandelier, jeweling it, getting the lights in and wiring it up then cutting and sticking the velvet curtains on the windows.

It was time for the presentation and we were ready to go. It was a moment that we had been working up to for a month. As Millie gave the thumbs up to the sound system man we had the three clicks of the soundtrack then pushed the buttons on the Robots. All was going well until Inigo Montoya, the bad guy, tried to go off the wrong line almost crashing into one of the other robots so Adele had to move him. That meant we would lose a point. Then Romeo was coming up the balcony he got stuck so we had to move him minusing another point. When he finally got up the balcony his wheel fell off the edge but we decided not to lose another point so we left it and that was the end of our presentation.

Four hours later it was time for prize giving after going through every other category it was finally time for junior theatre awards. We suspected that first place was between Selwyn House , Cathedral Grammar and us. Selwyn house and Cathedral Grammar Tied for second place and we won out of 8 entries in our category! As the winners we got a certificate and a badge that says junior nz regionals RoboCup, and will be travelling to Dunedin for the New Zealand Robocup final!