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House of Hope Mufti Day

Lisa Dovey —

Help us to make a difference.

Recently, as you may know, nineteen Year 8 girls went to Samoa for 10 days. Whilst we were there, we visited a place called the Samoa Victim Support Group’s House of Hope. House of Hope is a refuge to around 60 children aged 0 - 16. Its purpose is to take in and care for those who unfortunately had to be removed from their homes, because they had been treated wrongly by members of their family. Even though the government send children to this orphanage, they do not fund them - therefore they have very little resources and rely entirely on donations. After this trip we all had different views on the world and how fortunate we are to be living like we do. There are others out in the world who aren't as lucky as us.

When we visited, we took over as many necessity items as we possibly could. A huge thanks to anyone who generously gave us donations to take and gift to them. Every little thing we can do will make a huge difference.

Even though we took over an amazing amount of donations, they are still in need of money to cover their daily running costs. The travelling girls feel strongly about continuing to support the new friends they made at the House of Hope, and have organised a mufti day to raise funds to send to SVSG House of Hope.

Our first initiative is a mufti day to be held on Friday the 23rd of November. We ask that your child dress in yellow, the House of Hope’s representative colour, and that he/she show their support of this organisation with a gold coin donation (or greater if you wish).

If you wish to inquire more about this organisation or provide your own support please visit http://www.samoavictimsupport.org/who-we-are.html .

Thank you.

Zoe Myers - School Leader