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Learning Conferences - What to Expect?

Stuart Cameron —

Learning Conferences are taking place next Wednesday 31 July (3.30-8pm) and Thursday 1 August (12.30pm-6pm). This is a time to talk about your child’s current learning goals, celebrate progress so far and share next steps.

As we do our teaching and learning in a collaborative way we model the same ideals in our learning conferences. When you book a half hour slot all the teachers who work in the studio will be available for you to speak with. Please remember your child’s T group teacher may not actually teach your child for all aspects of the curriculum. This is a great opportunity to formally meet the other teachers and have a quick chat.

Outline for the half hour:

  • You are invited to book a half hour session. Click here to book a conference online. During this time your child will share some of their work with you and talk about their goals and progress. You will have an opportunity to roam the studios, peruse your child’s learning and see some of the activities your child uses to practise skills.

  • All teachers will be available at this time - we will touch base with you during your conference, but also feel free to approach us.

  • Your child will act as guide and discuss their goals.

  • There will be other families in the studio at the same time so please respect that others may want time with the teacher during the half an hour slot.

  • Please note that we cannot guarantee privacy and so any personal issues will need to be discussed at a separate time. Please email your T group teacher for an appointment after the interviews if you would like to discuss anything further.

What to expect when you arrive for your conference:

  • Huritini children will collect a tour card and their book box, which will contain a conference guide sheet and begin their tour of the Studio or speak to a teacher (if one is available)

  • Orongomai, Otawhito and Otumatua children will collect their conference materials and go to their pre-assigned spot and begin their conference.