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Music Awards 2019 - Term 4

Rob Naysmith —

The Music Awards is a skill-based music competition held every year. There are 4 categories Junior Vocal, Junior Instrumental (Years 5&6) and Senior Vocal and Senior Instrumental (Years 7&8). Children can opt to enter in the appropriate category as a soloist, an ensemble or both. We hold pre-award auditions with the top 5 -7 performers in each category going through to the main awards performance evening which is judged by a guest judge.

The awards are scheduled for Thursday 14th November (Week 5). Pre Auditions will be held in week 2 or 3 of Term 4.

If you have discussed this with your child and they want to enter please fill in this form.

Your child will need to play/sing one piece of music that best shows their ability, and that they can play/sing confidently. Your child's music teacher will be able to help with this selection.

Children who want to play in an ensemble will need to organise times to practice together before the auditions are held.

Any questions please email Rob Naysmith rob.naysmith@halswell.school.nz