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Halswell School - Zone Change Consultation.

Rob Naysmith —

As you will be aware Knights Stream School opens at the beginning of next year. This has implications on our current zone as Longhurst is proposed to be removed from our home zone. There are a few other minor changes which are shown on the maps provided and the zone boundary is outlined in writing. Please follow the link to our website with the information and maps provided by the Ministry of Education on the proposed changes, and read the Frequently Asked Questions below. If you have any questions or feedback on the proposed changes please email principal@halswell.school.nz The closing date for consultation feedback is Friday 23rd November. All feedback will be discussed and considered at the Board of Trustees meeting on Tuesday 27th November.  All the information contained in the link can also be viewed in RTLB Office window which is opposite the school office as you walk past the coffee shop.

Kind Regards

Rob Naysmith

Acting Principal 

on behalf of the Halswell School Board of Trustees

Home Zone Change Question and Answer:

Q. When will this change be in effect from

A. January 2019

Q: Will this effect children already attending Halswell School but will find themselves out of zone in 2019

A: No all children already attending Halswell School may continue to attend

Q: If I have a child already attending Halswell School and a pre- schooler who will not start until 2019 or beyond, will they be able to attend.

A: Yes siblings of current students will be able to attended Halswell School after the zone change has been made. This is due to a grand parenting clause.

Q: If we live outside of the new zone and we currently have a pre-schooler due to start in 2019, can we still enrol at Halswell.

A: No unfortunately we are not currently taking any out of zone enrolments.