Hero photograph
Photo by Natasha Fraser

Senior Athletics Day 2019

Natasha Fraser —

Our Years 5-8 Senior Athletics Day is just around the corner in Term 4. We will be competing at Nga Puna Wai on Friday 25th of October. We expect that all students give each activity a go but there will be some activities that are competitive and non-competitive. Further information will be sent out to parents closer to the time.

All children in Years 5-8 will be involved and they will be competing in their year groups and gender. This will be the same for the Zone and Canterbury events.

Most events are compulsory, with the exception of the long-distance running event, sprints and competitive high jump. The distance running event is an optional event and only children that want to do this competitively will be participating. High jump will have a modified non-competitive event as well as the competitive option. Therefore, the children will be asked to indicate whether they wish to do competitive or non-competitive high jump, sprints and whether they want to opt into long-distance running. They will be expected to take part in all the other events. Please chat with your child about whether they want to be involved in these competitive or non-competitive. They will be asked this Friday and will have till the following week to make their final decision. 

Any questions please don't hesitate to email me at natasha.fraser@halswell.school.nz