Student Leadership 2018


Key features of Halswell School are the attributes of our A.C.T.I.V.E curriculum and our Halswell Values which all of our children aspire to. 

Our senior children, who constantly reflect these attributes and values are encouraged to apply for school wide leadership positions. The school offers a diverse range of leadership opportunities for all students that includes joining leadership teams and participating in leadership programmes:

  • School Leaders, chair the Student Council and have a role in assemblies (2);

  • School Council Secretary (1);

  • School Council Treasurer(1);

  • Communication Leaders(2);

  • Cultural Leaders (2);

  • Environmental Leaders(4);

  • House Captains(8);

  • ICT, Technicians and radio(2);

  • International Leaders(2);

  • Library Leaders(2);

  • Office Assistants and Hosts(2);

  • PE Leaders(2);

  • Performing Arts Leaders(2);

  • Safety Leaders(2);

  • Sports Leaders(2);

In 2018 our school based ' Leaders Programme’ focuses on developing the skills of leadership, and expanding on already learned values and attitudes needed for effective leadership. Our programme aims to maximise the 36 students' leadership potential and effectiveness by focusing on leadership as a skill.

Through their participation in our 2018 students leadership programme our young leaders will learn about:

  • public speaking

  • 'what makes' a good leader

  • organisational and team skills

  • encouraging and problem solving

  • demonstrating care and courtesy, reliability,responsible, and trustworthiness

  • being positive and enthusiastic

  • showing empathy towards others and act as good friends

  • using manners and basic good grace when dealing with other students and adults

  • treating all others fairly, honesty and keep their dignity intact

  • being self disciplined

  • always showing self control of feelings and actions