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Photo by Rob Naysmith

ICAS Achievements

Rob Naysmith —

Congratulations to all the children who sat an ICAS exam this year. The following children did exceptionally well achieving either Distinction or High Distinction. This puts them in the top 1-10% of all children who sat the exam in their age group rights across the Australasian region.

Digital Technologies

Distinction: Austin B (Y7)


Distinction: Lucy P (Y4), Eliza B (Y5), Hayley C (Y5), Lena A (Y6), 

High Distinction: Barbara Z (Y7)


Distinction: Jesse L (Y5), Felix L (Y6), Hematej M (Y6)

High Distinction: Finn A (Y5)


Distinction: Austin B(Y7)

High Distinction: Barbara Z (Y7)

Spelling Bee

Distinction: Hematej M (Y6) Samuel K (Y7) Barbara Z (Y7)

High Distinction: Hayley C (Y5)