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Reading aloud to your children

Reading aloud to your children is the most important thing you can do to help them become great readers and listeners. Most of all they will love you for doing it and will remember the times you read to them all their lives!

All you need to do is read aloud with your children every day – 15 minutes a day – it could be in three lots of five minutes. Reading the same books over (and over!) again is OK too. We all know a book that was read to us as a kid that we still remember today. Some of mine are My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes and The Owl and the Pussycat.

If you would love some suggestions of great books to read aloud to your children, whether they are 5 or 12 please come and see me in the library or flick me an email - zac.mccallum@halswell.school.nz.

Scholastic Book Fair in Term 4

We will be holding our Scholastic Book Fair again in week 5 of Term 4. As well as the book fair we will have a week-long celebration of books, with a book character dress-up day, competitions and a Family Book Quiz. Keep your eyes peeled for more details to come early in Term 4.

Library Events in Term 4

I have lot of cool events planned in the library in Term 4. There will be a History Week, a Dork Diaries Day, Star Wars Week, the Book Fair and more.

Adult Library

Thanks to donations we now have a space in our school library just for adults. As well as our Parent Library we also have an Adult Library stocked with adult fiction for you to borrow. The way this works is that you can take a book that you would like from this area as long as you either return it or swap it for one of your own books. Any family members and school staff are able to use this.

If you have books at home that you no longer want and would like to donate them to the adult library please drop them in to me in the library.