Hero photograph
Photo by Natasha Fraser

Halswell Holiday Helpers

Natasha Fraser —

Yesterday our Halswell Holiday Helpers visited our local retirement villages to spread some Christmas cheer.

Two groups of 24 children went to Summerset Retirement Village in Wigram and Anthony Wilding Retirement Village in Adainfield. As part of our 'Give back to our community for Christmas', our Halswell Holiday Helpers decided that they wanted to go and visit our local retirement villages. They chose to sing Christmas carols and give cards and angels that children from across the school had made. They sang Feliz Navida and Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and got to dance with some of the residence. We shared stories, getting to know about their lives, we even found out there were a couple of teachers and principals that shared stories of when they taught. It was lovely to see our Halswell kids brightening their day and representing Halswell with pride. 

Our donations for Chomondely and Foster Hope are due on Friday. They are to be put under the Christmas tree in the office unwrapped please!