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Avalon Biddle Visit

Lisa Dovey —

This article is about Avalon Biddle and her story of success that she shared with us.

Avalon Biddle and her story to success

On Friday Avalon Biddle, a motorcycle racer came to visit the year 4-8’s. Her story was so inspiring.

Avalon Biddle talked a little about how she started racing and how it made her feel. She started riding a motorbike when she was 6 years old and she has continued up until now (she is currently 27 years old). She has suffered from many injuries, but claims that her concussions are the hardest to overcome.

Avalon Biddle has had some amazing experiences including her trip to Italy to race against the best of the best. Her dad surprised her when he came to watch her race in Italy but he also brought the dreadful news that he had cancer. After the season finished she returned home to her dad and spent his last 14 days with him.

Avalon never gave up racing even though her dad was her biggest supporter. She enjoys racing and that's the most important thing. Avalon Biddle inspires young girls and boys to follow their heart and never give up.

By Talia W and Aimee VH