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Changes to the Board of Trustees

Rob Dixon —

Last week, we were regretfully advised that due to unexpected health concerns, Francesca Brown reluctantly needed to resign from the Board of Trustees effective immediately. Francesca has been an influential and valuable part of the school community here for a long time and her experience and input will be missed at the Board, and across the school. We thank her greatly for her service to the school community and support her in the decision she has made to focus on her health and whanau at this time.

As Francesca was the current Chairperson, at our meeting on Tuesday 18th August, I was nominated and accepted the role of Chairperson to fill this position. In addition to that, we now have a casual vacancy on the Board, for which the Board resolved to fill this vacancy by selection. The notification and process for this are outlined further on in the newsletter.

Finally, I would like to thank all the parents and staff for making the move to Level 2 so seamlessly, and also for the work that has gone on behind the scenes at school to have us prepared for any changes in alert level in the coming weeks. 

Kind regards, 

Rob Dixon