School Organisation for 2019

Rob Naysmith —

The school's structural organisation will stay very similar to this year with a couple of small changes.

Otumatua: The Year 6's will be separate to the Yr 7/8's with Year 6 children being at the Kaka end and Year 7/8 children being at the Aruhe end of Otumatua. There will be 3 straight year 6 T-Groups and 3 Year 7/8 T-Groups.

Otawhito: 7 Year 4/5 composite classes will make up Otawhito next year. We have been able to add another teacher to this team reducing T group numbers to about 25-26. Teacher's will make use of the Otawhito learning centre and the Pukeko room.

Orongomai: Stays the same with 6 T-Groups of Year 2/3 children

Huritini: Stays the same with 6 T-Groups of Year 1/2 children

Ahuriri: Will start the year with 2 New Entrant T-Groups.