Hero photograph
Photo by Natasha Fraser

Year 4-6 Jump Jam 3rd Place!

Natasha Fraser —

Our Year 4-6 Jump Jam team competed at the South Islands on Saturday and placed 3rd in the category Year 4-6 Advanced. Here is a report from Valentina McPhail (Year 5) about the competition.

It was Saturday the 3rd of November and it was the day of the competition -  Jump Jam South Islands. Both the Year 4-6 and Year 7-8 Jump Jam teams were so excited! It was 2 o’clock in the afternoon and the teams had arrived at school to get ready. It was as loud as a bunch of monkeys. We had been waiting for this day to come for ages and practising for ages! At school we had to get ready, putting on makeup, our costumes and getting our hair done. There were stations set up in Otumatua for different parts of makeup. There was a foundation station, eye station, lipstick station, the list goes on and on! Finally we were ready to fight! We all arrived at Christchurch Boys High School, the place where it would all happen. We all got together, talking about how nervous we were. We took some photos and then got glitter spray on our hair to make us sparkle on stage. Next we were off to the green room to prepare us for our performance. We lined up and off we went onto the stage. We could all feel the butterflies flying around in our tummy. At the end of the performance Ms Kelly said we were amazing! After all the teams had performed we were back up on stage in front of all the people, ready for the results. Our hearts were pounding so quickly, it felt like a volcano erupting! First the certificates got handed out. We got 4 excellence certificates and two merit certificates. Up next was the placings and trophies. The lady then said in third place… Halswell School! We had got 3rd place!! All we could hear was the cheering from our family and teachers in the crowd. Looking around I saw our team jumping up and down, waving their hands in the air and some were even crying. After the results, we went back into the main hall and everyone was taking photos of us with the trophy.  A huge thank you to Miss Fraser and Mrs Kelly for supporting us and making the Jump Jam team happen. We couldn't have done it without you.  Another a big thank you to Mrs Williams for her support during the holidays and at the competition. One last thank you to Kerry Jones for making the our boxer shorts - they were so cool!