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News from the Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees —

The new Board of Trustees are currently settling into their new roles following the mid-year elections. Francesca Brown has been elected the Chairperson, and the various sub-committees are all up and running. Each Board member has a profile and photo up on the school website. If you would like to find out more information about us, including which sub-committees we will be working on, please click here.

We have reviewed the mid-year report for Student Achievement. Our students continue to achieve at high levels across the school in relation to the school expectations for reading, writing and maths. These levels of achievement are a credit to our teaching staff across the school. There are solid plans in place for those children who are currently below the standards. The current results for the whole school are as follows:

  • 91% of students are at or above the standard for Reading
  • 84% of students are at or above the standard for Writing
  • 91% of students are at or above the standard for Maths

We were also pleased to hear that the teaching staff are seeing noticeable changes in some students with the ongoing focus on student wellbeing. This is a particular focus of the 2019 annual plan and although not as easy to measure as academic results, these areas will in some cases have a greater impact on our students as they continue to grow and develop.

We have been pleased to see the results of our latest investment in the school grounds, with a number of landscaping projects being undertaken over the last holidays. This is almost complete, with a project to move the large swing from the front of Otumatua to the back of Orongomai, this will then be replaced with a more age-appropriate piece of equipment.

Lastly, the Board of Trustees would like to thank our wonderful PTA for putting on such a great Quiz Night on Saturday night. There has been such a buzz in the community since this event, and it was also a huge fundraiser towards the PTA contribution for the hall bleachers. Thanks to all those that attended, as well as the huge number of families that donated raffle prizes, bought raffle tickets and made other contributions to the evening.