Hero photograph
Photo by Lisa Dovey

Jump Jam - Year 7/8 Girls

Lisa Dovey —

Last Saturday our Year 7/8 Girls Team competed in the South Island Jump Jam Competition.  

Having practiced for months, we were very excited to get on the stage and perform!  But first, we needed to get ready.  

We arrived at school at 2pm to get all of the make-up on and our hair teased, and to get our uniforms on.  After a grueling two hours, we were ready to head over to Boys High School - where the competition was being held.

Once we had arrived, we put the last of our costumes on, and went to watch the Year 4-6 team compete...they were great!

Lining up waiting for our turn was very nerve wracking!  We were very excited!!

The performance was over in no time - and with no mistakes! Phew!

When it came to the judging, we received Excellence in Technical Execution, Costume (thanks to Mrs Craw's Mum for making us the extra ones!), Sportsmanship and Presentation; and a Merit in Creativity...but sadly did not place overall.

Thanks to Miss Dovey and Miss Bush for coaching the team.  We really enjoyed the whole experience!