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New Communication Plan for Halswell School coming Term 4

Rob Naysmith —

We have facebook, the relauch of the Halswell School App and this fabulous new newsletter format coming to you next term. 

The school has undertaken a external review of our communications and from next term will have clearer lines for communicating with you all. Next term we will send out the info on the different channels of communication we will be using. Which channel we use will depend on what we need to tell you from 'have to know' such as school closures, to 'nice to know' such as student success in the newsletter. We will also send info on the Halswell School App and how to set that up to receive notifications that are specific to your child/ren. For now you can like our facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/halswellschool please keep in mind this page is still under development. We are working hard to ensure the school's communications are delivered in a way that is easy and convenient. We will hold a parent information session around week 3 of next term to explain our new systems, help set people up with them and answer any questions.