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Photo by Lisa Dovey

Scape Art City Visit

Lisa Dovey —

Our Otumatua children were lucky to be some of a small number of children in Christchurch who were able to participate in the 2019 Scape Art City Visits.

On Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th November, all of the classes of Otumatua went on a trip around the city on the Scape Public Art trail - going to the Art Gallery, the new library, Tūranga, the Art’s Center and Christ’s College. We started off at the library - after getting dropped off at the art gallery and walking to Tūranga.

Whilst at Tūranga we learnt all about the story behind the art on the outside of the elevator, with the spider web like patterns and different colours as you got higher up in the building. All the rooms and books we also very fascinating! There where 3D printers, sewing machines, painted stories, outside gardens and the all important kids area.

We then walked back to the Art Gallery and completed a Scavenger Hunt through the different art exhibits. Our favourite part of the gallery was the light exhibition as it was so exciting with all the bright pops of colour.

The final section of our visit was Christ’s College where we looked at a sculpture called Mixed Feelings and another called Plot, which was the South Island made of marble. Some of the children got interviewed about their opinion on public art in Christchurch.

Because we had some much fun I really recommend taking yourself and your children on the Scape Art trail on a nice summer's day!

Scarlet Austin