2018 T-Group now on Linc-Ed

Rob Naysmith —

You can see which T Group your child is in now on Linc-ed. Go to your account and then click on 'My Class'. It will show your child's 2018 teacher, but not the T-group number. These are included below

T1 - Julie Phillips/Rachel Davies

T2 - Nicky Edwards

T3 - Louise Ponce

T10 - Angela Pettersson

T11 - Rachel Dixon

T12 - Renee Norman

T13 - Anneke Wilkinson

T14 - Josie O'Callaghan/Robyn O'Neill

T15 - Danielle Ward

T20 - Gael MacFarlane

T21 - Fiona Hurst

T22 - Kate Heveldt

T23 - Sara Kelly/JaneWatts

T24 - Karen Collins

T25 - Laura Eade

T30 - Anita Head

T31 - Natasha Fraser

T32 - Carolyn Adams/Leigh Hurford

T33 - Brooke McFaul

T34 - Chelsea Love

T35 - Bella Rowse

T40 - Lisa Dovey

T41 - Ben Qau Qau

T42 - Sally Craw/Leanne Spicer

T43 - Kelsey Bush

T44 - Sarah Dyer

T45 - Mandy Dellaca